50 Giveaway Slogans That Are Catchy Enough to Attract Audience


One of the most important marketing goals for any company, regardless of its size, is to find good and innovative ways to engage with its customers. It encourages two-way communication, which has a significant number of advantages,  over one-way communication.

Giveaways are a great source of encouraging customer engagement. They are basically attractive free deals that companies give to a select few or all of their consumers for various reasons. A successful campaign is generally a promotional tool having many benefits attached to it. 

Benefits of a Giveaway Campaign


Here are some of the benefits of a giveaway campaign in general:

  • They offer surprisingly cost-effective and time-efficient promotional strategies.
  • They are one of the best and simplest lead generation strategies.
  • They are a great networking tool.
  • They give brands an opportunity to communicate fun and exciting image of themselves.
  • They provide brands with great ways to entice brand loyalty.
  • They facilitate great product/service exposure.

Two key components of a digital giveaway campaign are the giveaway slogan and the prize itself. A great combination of the two can help companies build very successful giveaway campaigns. The prize has to be something that customers will want; something useful, something fresh, something unique. At the same time, to get customers’ attention, the giveaway slogan has to overcome the cliché expectations that are set for it by the customers themselves.

50 Best Catchy Giveaway Slogans

  1. It’s Giveaway Fever
  2. I hear ‘Giveaways’.
  3. It’s Giveaway O’Clock
  4. Who Doesn’t Love A Giveaway?
  5. Giveaway Alert!
  6. Happiness Is A Great Giveaway.
  7. Just Keep Calm And Accept This Giveaway.
  8. Warning! Giveaways Coming Your Way!
  9. Everyone Loves A Good Giveaway.
  10. Ho-ho-ho! Giveaways For All!
  11. Don’t Panic. It’s Just A Giveaway.
  12. Yup, It’s For Free. No T&C Attached.
  13. Sign Up & Stand A Chance To Win.
  14. Pin It To Win It!
  15. Are You In-It To Win-It?
  16. An Epic Person Deserves An Epic Giveaway!
  17. You Like Us. We Love You. Here’s A Giveaway, What To Do?
  18. Here’s An Opportunity To Add Another Giveaway To Your Collection.
  19. It’s Your Friendly Neighbourhood, Giveaways!
  20. Sign Me Up!
  21. I Spy A Giveaway.
  22. Spreading The Love With Giveaways!
  23. Giveaways Guaranteed For All.
  24. Sign Up, It’s Never Too Late!
  25. It’s Not A ‘Treat’, It’s A Giveaway.
  26. Sign Up Before It’s All Gone!
  27. Special Giveaway Offer Only For You!
  28. Limited Giveaways! Hurry Now!
  29. Exclusive Giveaway Offer.
  30. These Are Giveaways. Unavailable At Our Nearest Outlet.
  31. Pay Nothing, Just Accept.
  32. Award-Winning Giveaways!
  33. Buy Nothing But Get Something For Free.
  34. Yes, We Excel At Giving Away Free Stuff.
  35. Here’s What You Want, What You Really-Really Want. A Giveaway!
  36. Guess Who’s Our Favourite?
  37. A Surprise Awaits You. Just Click.
  38. Hi, Nice To Meet You. My Name Is Giveaway.
  39. Not Our Birthday, Just Giving Away Free Stuff.
  40. Don’t Buy, This Is Not A Lie.
  41. Knock-Knock. Who’s There? Giveaways!
  42. Hello Kin. Please Sign In?
  43. The Best Things In Life Are For Free.
  44. How About A Nice Giveaway?
  45. Here’s Something To Prove To You That You Are Always In Our Minds.
  46. What Do You Think About A Giveaway?
  47. Fortune Cookie Says, Giveaway Time Is Approaching.
  48. Can We Giveaway Something To You?
  49. Sign In For A Surprise That’s Better Than Gin.
  50. Giveaways Bring Goodluck, Seriously!

Giveaways can play an important role in a brand’s marketing strategy when used right. We have already enlisted all the numerous advantages that a giveaway strategy has to offer to a brand. In this article, we have covered one main aspect of a giveaway strategy, the giveaway slogan.

The giveaway slogan is a crucial piece of the overall giveaway strategy. The key to mastering giveaway strategies is to find ways to marry campaigns and content seamlessly. While devising slogans, try to be creative and informative at the same time. Fluff is fine to a certain degree but avoids too much fluff. Too much fluff can ruin a perfectly good giveaway strategy.

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