Write web content that works in 5 simple steps

Your website is the face of your business on the internet. Whether you plan to get your audience through search engines or digital marketing campaigns, once they are on your website, it’s your web content that would make or break the deal. Here, we will discuss 5 quick tips that would help you create killer content for your website step-by-step.

But before we proceed, it’s important for you to understand what is web content, and how it is different from blog posts or other forms of writing.



What is web content?

Web content mainly refers to the content spread across the different pages of your website. Some key web pages include your Home Page, Services/Products page, About us, Contact us etc. In addition, depending on your digital marketing strategy, you may have various landing pages, where you need to be extra careful regarding the effectiveness of the content since it would have a direct impact on the conversion ratio of your campaign.

5 web content writing tips to turn your website into a conversion machine

1. Plan your website content wisely

Put a generous amount of time in structuring your content strategy first. Consider this as the foundation of your web content creation process and make sure to put a lot of thoughts and brainstorming in order to make it as solid as possible. A few points that you should be considering are:

  • How many pages are you going to have?
  • How many products and services does your business offer?
  • Are you going to create separate pages for every product/services, or list them all on a single web page (or category pages)?

2. Structure the pages

Once you are clear which all pages are to be created, it’s time to structure the pages individually. For every page jot down the key points to be included.

  • The homepage should contain an overview of your business. Additionally, it can have short descriptions for your products/services along with the links to details pages. Depending on the nature of your business, it can have more elements like clients’ logos, testimonials, awards & recognitions etc.
  • About page should contain the information about the journey of your business since inception to what you are now. If it’s a new business, you can write about the journey of its key stakeholders.
  • Products/services should clearly convey the benefits they offer, how they are better than the competitor’s products, what kind of support you are going to offer the customers and other key information.

3. Research your keywords:

Neil Patel, one of the best-known content marketing experts, has mentioned why keyword research is the most important part of digital marketing. Having a list of relevant keywords and their integration in your web content naturally will be the key differentiators that will set your website ahead of your competitors in the game.

  • Make a list of keywords relevant to your web pages/products/services
  • Focus on keywords with

4. Write it down

So now you have a plan, a structure and a list of keywords. What’s next? You need to put them all together in a creative manner.

Write content for all the web pages you have planned and make sure to integrate the keywords naturally. You can also consider hiring an expert, which can deliver you professionally written content. Have a decent budget, since the quality of web content directly impacts the conversion and sales.

5. Add CTAs

What’s the point of having excellent content if it has not been optimized for conversion? Having Call to Action elements in the right places increases the chance of conversion multiple times. Make sure to put ‘Buy now’ or ‘Get a quote’ buttons at appropriate places. You can also add catchy CTA statements between the paragraphs. E.g. “Interested? Click here to get more details” or “Buy now and get 20% discount (One time offer only)”

Make sure you do not overuse this feature, else it may spoil the overall user experience.

Summing up

Remember blog articles or news items are usually written frequently and have a shorter shelf life. Web content, on the other hand, is often written once and is not likely to be updated frequently. It takes a lot of thought and planning to write web content that works.

Again, if you are not sure about the writing part, you can always hire a content writer.

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