How to make your YouTube voice-over perfect

Some people are just blessed with a good voice. They will say random things and it will be like music to ears. Many make a career out of this blessing and become a singer or a voice-over artist. Be a singer or voice-over artist can find a perfect platform on YouTube. Singing takes a lot of things and being a complete non-singer, talking about signing is a big no-no. Hence, let’s talk about voice-over for YouTube!

Giving voice-overs for YouTube videos is easy, anyone with, as mentioned earlier, a good voice and good punctuation can do it. However, making a premium quality voice-over file for a video is no cakewalk and just a pretty voice won’t do the job! Then, how can you make the perfect voice-over? Read on to know!

Recording is the key ingredient!

Needless to say, the first step of making voice-overs for YouTube videos or any videos for that matter, is recording. All you’ve got to do is stand in front of the microphone and read out the script, right? Well, standing in front of the microphone is easy, but the ‘read out the script’ part may not be so!

There are mainly four factors that you need to master to get the ‘read out the script’ part correctly.

Make sure you have audio clarity

The clarity of the audio is quintessential. If the audio is not clear, if it has noise or if it is fuzzy, it will ruin the essence of the whole video. So, make sure that the voice-over file is free of any noise, Volume plays an important part here. If the volume is too low or the volume is too high, the audience will be annoyed. The best way to avoid noise is to do the recording in a soundproof room. You may not have access to a completely soundproof room. In such a case, you can use a noise-cancellation microphone. It will record only your voice and no surrounding sound.

Take the correct pace

If your audience does not understand what you are saying, doesn’t matter how good your content is, you will lose your audience. Talk too fast, the audience will not understand and hit the dislike button. Talk too slow, the audience will be bored and hit the dislike button. You don’t want too many dislikes on your video! Take a pace that allows your audience to understand what is going on and enjoy the video.

Match the vocal tone with the topic

Much like the pace, the vocal tone can either make a good impression or ruin it. Suppose, you are telling a fun story, but your voice has no excitement. The audience will leave the video in the middle. Videos after videos like that, you will lose subscribers. Read the script beforehand to understand the topic and remember, going a little off-script is no crime. Talk like you are having a conversation with a friend. It will make the video more engaging.

Correct pronunciation is a must

Correct pronunciation is appreciable, not only for voice-overs, but in general as well. While talking, ensure that you pronounce words correctly. If you have any confusion regarding any pronunciation, feel free to do some research on the word and get the correct pronunciation. Pronunciation is one thing and the accent is something else. People have different accents, which is completely fine. But a fake accent is not advisable!

Editing can either make or end the game!

You may think that your job ends with recording. But having even decent editing skills can take you places. When you work with a big set up and a skilled editing team with you, your job gets easier. But if you are freelancing or working from home, you can’t just record something and send it across. In fact, you are required to send properly edited files for most freelance projects nowadays. In such cases, editing skills become essential.

While editing, try to use some good headphones so that you can spot even the tiniest blunder. A background score adds essence to the video. So, choose one that goes with the theme of the video. If you are a complete newbie in the field of sound recording, you can take help from YouTube tutorials.

Creating videos is a creative job. Hence, be it recording or editing, keep your creative self on alert. Invest a little in a good microphone and it will make a huge difference. Keep the basics in mind and enjoy the process!

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