How To Use Content Marketing For Better Customer Retention


All marketing organizations now do realize the importance of using digital marketing as a tool to reach a larger audience. Digital Marketing includes many different strategies including content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and more. This article will solely be focused on the importance of content marketing as a tool for customer retention.

Content Marketing involves nothing but creating and distributing content on various social media or digital media platforms. A recent study estimated that using content marketing brings six times higher conversion rate than those not using it.  

Objectives of Content Marketing


Let’s now take a glance at some of the major objectives that can be achieved through effective content marketing.

  • Lead generation
  • Customer service goals
  • Brand building
  • Support search engine optimization
  • Information dissemination
  • Improve customer retention
  • Gauge & entice social media engagement

How To Use Content Marketing To Improve Customer Retention?

Customer retention is an important business goal for all businesses. Sure, it’s great to win new customers. But just winning new customers doesn’t guarantee success. The long-term success of a company greatly depends on its ability to retain its customers.

Content marketing is a great way to improve customer retention. But before we get into how to use content to drive customer-retention specifically, there’s something that all marketers need to understand.

A company can only retain its customers if its customers are happy with the interactions that they have with the company. Therefore, before focussing on a sound “customer retention strategy” as such, it’s important to focus on ensuring that customers have pleasant and positive interactions with the company.

6 Ways To Leverage Content Marketing To Improve Customer Retention

Now that you know the importance of customer experience to customer retention, you are much better equipped to understand and implement these strategies. Given below are the different ways in which content marketing can be used to improve customer retention:

1. Publish Quality Content Regularly

Content marketing is not an overly complicated marketing strategy. If you stick to the basics and focus on quality, you will see its results. Publish quality content regularly and religiously. Publishing content regularly is the best way to add value and experiences to your customers.

2. Make good use of information

Data is an invaluable asset in today’s time. When used correctly, companies can use their customer data to formulate their entire customer retention strategy. Analyzing customer data can provide companies with compass-like guidance for their content strategy. It can help companies pinpoint what it is that their customers value and what it is that drives engagement.

Customize your content to disseminate the exact information that your customers value. This can be a great contributor to your customer-retention strategy.

3. Keeping customers informed

To keep your customers informed: keep two things in mind. One, you should be the first one to distribute content about anything new that’s happening in or to your company. A new product, new features, new business heads, etc. Your customers should be kept in the loop about what’s happening in the business. And, they have to hear it from you and nobody else.

Personalized email marketing campaigns are a great way to keep customers informed. When deployed correctly, email marketing in itself can be a great customer retention strategy. Design personalized email campaigns that talk to individual groups and make them feel special. You can define customer groups on the basis of their past interactions with the business. Email marketing campaigns are flexible so you can use them to distribute whatever content that you feel is right.

4. Do your best to keep your customers engaged.

Ensuring customer engagement is crucial to a sound content marketing strategy. The engagement can adjudge the success of a content marketing strategy that it entices on social media.

Whatever content you post online, the objective of it should be to drive customer engagement. If your content is not driving engagement, you are doing things wrong. Engaged customers make for retained customers.

So, how to ensure customer engagement? Post regular contests with small giveaways. Reply to as many of your customers’ comments as possible on as many social media channels as possible. Try to act on some of the advice that’s given to you by your customers and let them know that their input was valuable.

5. Create a loyalty program that runs around content.

For years now, loyalty programs have been the major drivers of customer retention strategies. And rightly so! The effectiveness of loyalty programs with respect to customer retention is second to no other strategy.

Try building a loyalty program that runs around content. Few examples of how this can be done. Invite your customers to share some content. Choose the best content out of all the content that you receive and publish it. You can choose to give customer monetary and social recognition as an award. You can run such a program continuously.

It’s unwise to overlook the importance of content marketing. Executing it is simple and not overly complicated. Sticking to the basics can help one reap its multiple benefits. Content marketing, when used effectively, can be a great customer retention strategy. Customer retention is as important if not more important than attracting new customers. Post content regularly, equip your customers with useful information, do all that you can to keep them engaged, exploit the advantages of webinars, build a unique loyalty programme and make good use of all the customer data that’s with you.

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