Interesting facts about English you don’t know

English is the most spoken language around the globe with approximately 753 million people in the world speaking English. This language has evolved over the years and is still evolving. It is comprised of some of the most bizarre inventions, misinterpretations and even mistakes.

Every language has some interesting facts attached to it, and English is no exception. Let us have a walkthrough on some of the most interesting facts about the English language:

1. The longest English word

The longest word in the English dictionary is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, which is basically a lung disease that is caused due to inhalation of ash and dust. It goes like pre-neumono-ultra-microscopic-silicino-volcano-coniosis. This word has a total of 45 letters and it is the longest one in the Oxford dictionary.

2.  “E” is the most famous English letter

The most common letter in English is E. The statistics say that out of every eight letters of a word, one will definitely be an ‘e’. This is quite an interesting observation. So, next time when you are framing a word, do check it out and see how many words keep up with the “e” syndrome.

3. Month, Orange, Silver and Purple have no rhyming friend

We all are very much fond of rhyming words in English like die and lie or shower and tower. When you analyze closely, you realize that almost all words have a rhyming alternative. But, you will be surprised to know that month, purple, silver, and orange have no rhyming buddies. They cannot be rhymed with any other English word. Try it on your own or ask your friends to do it for you!

4. New word in every two hours

An interesting fact about English that may surprise you is that a new word is added to the dictionary every two hours. This totals to 4000 new words every year. No matter how good your English is, there will always be new words that you wouldn’t know. So, keep learning.

5. Long time, no see is grammatically incorrect

Source: Giphy

“Long time no see” is an English phrase that is permissible as a fixed expression and we use it quite often but most of us do not know that it is not grammatically correct. This is an interesting fact about English that even a wrong sentence is being used correctly. This phrase is said to take its origin from Pidgin/ broken English and it first appeared in the Oxford dictionary in as early as 1901.

Bonus facts:

  • ‘Town’ is the oldest word in the dictionary that is still in use
  • Goodbye comes from the sentence god be with you
  • ‘Good’ is the most commonly used adjective in English
  • The famous social media word ‘lol’ became a dictionary word after it was added to the dictionary in 2011

Do you also know any such interesting fact about English? Share in comments. 

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