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About the job

The ideal candidate possesses a passion for writing and innovative ability to create successful marketing campaigns and aid in creating company growth. You will be responsible for generating exciting and compelling stories on both digital and print sources of media.



· Conducting in-depth research on industry-related topics in order to develop original content.

· Developing content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website.

· Proofreading content for errors and inconsistencies.

· Editing and polishing existing content to improve readability.

· Creating compelling headlines and body copy that will capture the attention of the target audience.

· Identifying customers’ needs and recommending new content to address gaps in the current content.

· Work with internal teams to understand product documentation requirements

· Create strong content that fulfils company standards and audience goals

· Write straight-forward user tutorials and interface text

· Utilize a variety of media forms; include images and charts

· Analyse current content and make improvements as necessary

· Ability to translate highly technical information into easily understandable information for customers.


· Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, English, Journalism, or related field.

· Proven content writing or copywriting experience.

· Working knowledge of content management systems.

· Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications.

· Excellent writing and editing skills.

· The ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.

· Team player

· Good time-management skills.


About us

If the business is all about delivering a personalized user experience then it calls for sync between the psychology and AI technologies to bring out the common factors in the cognitive and behavioural sciences to develop innovative and futuristic solutions.

At CEDURA, we summarize it as ‘Learning Humans and Human Introspection’, an amalgamation of unique individual human traits and AI/ML algorithms to create a unified individual-centric solution in the fields of Marketing, Psychometry, Learning & Development, Cognitive & Behavioural Modelling, Forecasting & Prediction, Inclusive Educational Tools and more – #AIforALL.

We are human-centric. We offer a unified view of a person thus disrupting the personalized marketing space offering a new outlook for core strategical changes adopting AI-driven solutions to evolve as an innovative business leader. We are also making strides in the areas of mental health and inclusive education through research developing tools for engaged learning. We are a unique organization maintaining harmony between arts and science where Psychologists and Techies complement each other.

We are human. Currently enabling numerous NGOs and individuals who are serving the underprivileged students through psychometric assessments, cognitive learning models, technical tools and more so that they could claim their fair share of the future.

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