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About the job

We are looking for a news summary writer and editor to help our clients stay on top of sugar and ethanol news. You can be located anywhere as long as you have some overlapping working hours with India.

If you love to read and write, if you are interested in the world of agriculture and commodity trading, you could be the right person to join our team


As a news summary writer and editor, you will be on the lookout for all the news published on a daily basis that affect the sugar and ethanol markets from near and far. You will find these news, aggregate them and select the essential part (usually less than 10-15% of the original) to create short, to the point, news summary snippets.

Your responsibility is to ensure that our clients stay on top of the news in an accessible and easy-to-digest manner. We’re here to take away the heavy and time consuming task of news monitoring so that they can focus on the other more important stuff they need to do.

What the job requires

You’ll need to really love reading and writing.

You’ll need an analytical mind to efficiently select the relevant information.

You’ll need good written communication skills so that your writing is clear and easy to digest.

You’ll need to be curious. You’ll often come across information and data that you may not know about or that seems to contradict other things you know or read about. You’ll need to investigate further to make sure it all makes sense.



To have great work ethic: integrity, professionalism, initiative, respect and honesty

To want to grow with a young company

To have the right balance between a certain level of perfectionism and getting the job done

To be autonomous and solution oriented


To have knowledge of the sugar and ethanol industries is a big plus, as is general knowledge and experience of trading and / or finance worlds. These industries have their own jargon and ways of functioning. We will consider highly motivated applicants who don’t have that knowledge but who demonstrate they are keen to learn.

To have experience writing qualitative pieces within a short timeframe, comfortable writing under pressure.

English doesn’t have to be your native language but you need to be 100% comfortable writing and reading it.

Knowledge of Portuguese, Spanish or Chinese are a plus.

To have very good attention to details and numbers.

Values & Vision

Community: ECRUU is the bridge between the noisy world of news and the industry participants who need access to these news to make informed decisions.

Respect: We have the utmost respect for journalists and the media who do a great job at keeping us informed. This means that we are very mindful of copyright.

Trust: Our clients trust us to deliver unbiased coverage so they can make the most informed decisions.

Honesty: We are not perfect (though we strive to be!). We always recognise when we make mistakes and put our efforts into becoming better.

Work: We don’t live to work but we know our work allows us to live. We have a great work ethic and expect our team to do so too within the defined working hours.

Some other stuff you might want to know

This job is perfect for introverts. It requires almost no interaction with people except the team. And as you get to grasp your work you’ll need less and less interaction with the team too!

This is a remote position. You can work from wherever you want BUT your main point of contact at the start will be in Asia so it’s important to have an overlap with Asian time zones, at least for the first few months.

This position is perfect for someone with extensive experience in commodity reporting who is looking for a way to find a better balance in their life.

ECRUU is a lifestyle company. Oliver and Charlotte are a brother-sister duo who founded ECRUU because they wanted a solid business that supports their love for travel, the great outdoors and adventure. Oliver bicycled from Switzerland (where he lives) to Singapore over several months, he lived and worked out of a campervan in New Zealand among other crazy adventures. Charlotte lives in India with her horses and rescue dogs. They both work 4 days a week and intend on keeping it that way, even as the company grows.

Just like ECRUU helps market participants stay on top of news so that they can focus on the other more important stuff, ECRUU allows its team members to live the life they want to live. The deal is that we all work limited hours but during these limited hours we give our 100% to produce the best product possible.

We like ECRUU team members to know what they want and express it. We are not perfect and count on the team to help us become better managers and leaders – but we need your help for that.

How to apply

Send an email to [email protected] with the title: “Job application” saying:

Why you want to join

What would make you a great fit (including any previous work experience that would be relevant for this position).

Anything that you think is relevant for us to know

Tell us in one sentence using your own words what you think this job is about

Please note that we will not consider anyone who doesn’t answer each of the four questions. This job is about reading, writing and attention to details, after all!

Do pass this onto anyone you think would be interested.


About us

ECRUU is a media-monitoring agency for commodity professionals. Our industry experts search, sort and summarise all the news that is relevant to your market. We filter out the noise and make sure you don’t miss the important stuff. Delivery is through either our App or an end-of-day email. Our subscribers have access to our searchable news database. To learn more, please visit

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