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We're America's most advanced real estate transaction platform

About Houzeo

Houzeo is building a better way to buy and sell real estate in America. The platform enables users to create property listings & upload them to various portals, connect with local real estate professionals, use the provided dashboard to obtain property valuation, compare the value with other properties, avail market analysis reports, fill federal/state disclosures electronically, connect with attorneys/escrow companies, and more. The company earns revenue by offering various monthly packages.

Houzeo is based in Manhattan, New York with offices in Mumbai, India. Our founder is a finance, real estate, and technology veteran with an ivy-league MBA. We were showcased at the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield in New York City. The startup is already profitable and experiencing double digit month-over-month growth. As we are building our brand, we are growing tremendously and launching new products to enhance customer experience and highlight partner services.

We’re scaling rapidly and this in turn has created an opportunity for a Content Writer on our team. We generate the majority of our business from the fantastic content our team writes, and we’ve gone from less than 300 monthly visits to over 15,000 in the past year. Our content has been featured on Forbes, NBC, Yahoo, among other prominent sites.

Headquarters: Manhattan, New York

Office Location: Thane, Mumbai

Position: Content Writer

Experience: 3 Years +


As Houzeo continues to grow, we’re looking to be the best source of education for all things real estate. We think about this in terms of the “Google Test”: If you were Google, would you rank our content higher than what is already out there? Until the answer is a resounding yes for every article on our site, we know we have more work to do.

As a full-time, in-house content writer, you’ll collaborate with stakeholders across the entire company, from marketing and analytics to engineering and design. Together, we want our writers to become leading voices in real estate education.


We are looking for someone who has experience writing high-quality content that passes the “Google Test.” (If you were Google, would you rank your post #1?) You will be responsible for a section of Houzeo’s website and for growing its traffic and leads. This means researching a topic to find unique insights that provide readers with new, useful information and advice.

This can be a tough challenge, but it’s also highly rewarding. You’ll see your work become a dependable source of knowledge for home buyers and sellers and know you’re contributing to the collective success of your team. You will have the opportunity to pursue professional development. Top writers have a clear path to meaningful compensation, in addition to hundreds of thousands of readers of their work.


You are driven and motivated to become an expert in the intricacies of a US real estate transaction.
You write content that is clear, easy to read, and more engaging than similar content.
You are able to communicate complex topics in ways that are relatable and understandable for readers.
You have experience writing for online publications.
You are able to bring unique, thoughtful insights to your content that aren’t already on Google. This can come from research or from personal experience.
You have an understanding of CRO (conversion rate optimization) and how to incorporate a brand naturally into content when appropriate.
You are highly organized and able to manage your time to meet deadlines.
You have proven experience delivering value-based communications.
You have empathy for readers and curiosity to understand their needs and wants.


Attend onboarding where you’ll learn about all aspects of the business including SEO, marketing, and

engineering, while getting to meet your new team members.
Gain a clear understanding of Houzeo’s business model, and build a mental map of the types of readers who find Houzeo online.
Learn Houzeo’s CMS, and be able to easily upload and edit posts.
Develop skills in analyzing data on your post’s performance, to learn where there are opportunities to improve on in the future.
Understand and be able to write in Houzeo’s brand voice.


See how the posts you’ve worked are starting to receive traffic on new posts, or more traffic on updated traffic.

Be able to consistently edit and create new posts that generate both traffic and leads.
Become an expert about your specific niche, and be ready to think about expanding to another.
Partner cross-functionally with our SEO team to achieve maximum value from your posts.


Have achieved the top rankings for some of your highest value posts.

Will have built a system that lets you balance your time between nurturing your best posts on Google, leveling up posts to get them on the first page, and generating new content that can provide even more traffic and leads.
Outperform goals for both traffic and leads.
You will have expanded your content vertical beyond what you were initially hired for.
You will have built relationships with our team, and have friendships that span outside the office.


Take an effective approach to strategic planning in each of your owned verticals; planning out a 12-month roadmap which continuously progresses toward new traffic goals, and new areas of opportunity.

Be maintaining many top rankings for your highest value posts
Be an expert in your vertical, and will have your work featured in several top publications and news sites

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We're America's most advanced real estate transaction platform

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