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Job description

  • You are curious, and ask a lot of questions
  • You develop a point of view at the end of rigorous research and learning process
  • You think, process the data, and present the information to justify a point of view
  • Writing areas include but not limited to: Banking, Retail, AI/ ML, Advanced Analytics, WiFi Marketing
  • Someone who has a background in technology and is curious to learn new things at rapid pace
  • Writes by choice, and looks forward to make every piece of writing an art
  • Has a perspective to genuinely help the readers with the content, research and insights provided in the content
  • Always tries to understand why the topic is worth writing about
  • Focuses on collecting insights based on primary research done via interviews with subject matter experts
  • Engages in using tools, technologies, or learning how they are used using Videos, Tutorials
  • Conversational writing skills, having background in adapting to the tone of voice of the brand
  • Top class understanding of the English language and is able to articulate thoughts seamlessly without using complicated sentence structures
  • Should be hands-on at writing for blogs, articles, PR, newsletters
  • Open to write for webinar scripts, conversational prospecting communications, email templates, ad copy, web copy
  • Helps coaching team members on effective communication skills and writing skills
  • Has studied the psychological aspects (e.g. NLP) of crafting content bytes that move people to take actions
  • Has understanding of marketing communications and finesse in brand communication
  • Has an eye for detail and design
  • Have sample tech blogs or other published material, that can be shared for eligibility test; the sample material should do justice to the requirements stated herein
  • Opportunity is open, anyone who has carefully read through all the points here
  • Whether you are a fresh graduate with a zeal to learn, process and write or someone who is longing to get back to work after a break or someone who is already writing in a similar space

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