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combining Intellect and Emotions

About the job

Get ready to be a part of a fast growing team making a next generation platform to make it marketing really simple for brands.

This is a great opportunity as the right candidate will manage several brand accounts. This role will also give exposure to the startup journey from day one. This work is totally remote and allows every passionate marketer to participate.

Job Description:

* Passionate about the user and understanding the psychology of the user for purchasing brand products.

* Understanding brand requirements and aligning marketing with brand goals

* Launching brand campaigns on various platforms using adstock

* Proactively communicating and reporting progress to the brand team

* Mapping the user journey from ad impression to landing page and reducing drop offs for improving conversion rates

* A/B testing multiple communications, creatives and landing pages

* Coordinating with creative team and development team for achieving goals

* Derive quick insights from marketing reports using a combination of analytical tools and intuition

* Always looking out for new advancements/tools and learning new skills that can be an opportunity to boost results.

* Following set processes in the framework for precise implementation while bringing creativity and out of the box solutions for the dynamic environment and beating the competition.


* Must have atleast 1 year Paid marketing experience (not SEO)

* Must have managed a paid marketing budget of atleast $10,000 / month

* Thorough understanding of Google ads and Facebook Ad platform

* Familiarity with Linkedin Ads, Pinterest, Twitter Ads and Quora

* Great communication skills to present the progress properly to clients and brand team.

* Good with numbers and spreadsheets

* Should possess time management skills and should be able to work under serious deadlines

* Preferable: Graduation in Psychology, Sociology and Marketing Management

Annual Salary Range:

4 – 6 lakhs per annum


About us

Intellemo combines both Intellect and Emotions in our Growth Partnership with a Business.

Intellect is essential to drive growth in the digital era, as technological advancement is taking place at high speed. Every digital marketing channel requires high technological acumen for tasks such as market research, efficient campaign management, website optimization, API integrations, etc. Further, Machine learning & AI bring opportunities for predictive analytics, algorithmic bidding, workflow automation, consumer behavior mapping, and much more. We believe that each engagement of a user matters in an endeavor to serve them properly and create value for the business.

Emotions are essential to think from the perspective of the users keeping their needs and desires in focus. It turns ‘commercial advertisement’ into an valuable communication that resonates with its audience. It ensures that the message includes creativity and persuasion for the maximum impact on its audience. Whether it is impulsive buying or a planned purchase, emotions have a big role to play and businesses need to utilise it for faster growth.

Intellemo aims to transform digital marketing & analytics for our clients. We work from a client’s perspective, with a problem solving approach, to win long-lasting success for the client. We are passionate about digital marketing & analytics. We continuously strive to master the art & science of marketing in the digital era. We build advanced tools to bring a multiplier effect of the marketing efforts by bringing enhanced work efficiency. We try utilize the best medium to reach out to the relevant users with the right message at the right time for the maximum impact.

We believe that ‘Better is Possible’ at all times. We are continuously ready to take new steps, learn new insights, utilise new tools and create better value for a business.

We would love to work with you, for a better growth of your business.

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combining Intellect and Emotions

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