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Enabling individuals to discover themselves

About the job

Note: Before a candidate applies for this job, it’s crucial that they read the description and information about Mentoria in detail.

Get To Know Mentoria

Mentoria ( is a career guidance and discovery platform that is working towards transforming India into a happier, more productive and successful nation. We enable students in class 8-12/college to discover themselves and their ideal career paths + mentor them throughout their journey of career discovery.

We’ve enabled 75,000+ individuals, 50+ corporates and 50+ schools to become #CareerReady. Today, 1 in 4 Indian teens suffer from depression and 55% of our country’s working population is unhappy/frustrated about the careers they’re in. Our task is to ensure that masses of individuals make one of life’s most crucial decisions (career/educational decisions) in an informed and accurate manner, and support them in taking the right step towards a happy and successful future.

About The Job

We’re looking for sharp, creative content writers with a passion to transform the world, a keen eye for detail and the drive to help students and young working professionals in making accurate and informed career decisions. As a Content Writer at Mentoria, your role would involve creating and presenting career and academic content that enables individuals to plan their next steps and become truly #CareerReady.

Roles And Responsibilities
Creating and editing career articles for Mentoria’s Knowledge Gateway.
Conducting research to resolve student and working professionals’ queries regarding courses, colleges, online certifications, upskilling courses and more.
Conceptualising and writing informative blog articles that enable Mentoria’s users to make accurate and informed career decisions.
Uploading career and blog articles on Mentoria’s Content Management System.
Creating content that keeps bringing users back to the Mentoria platform.
Excellent communication skills
Grammatical expertise
In-depth research techniques
Knowledge of current events in the edtech industry
We need candidates with 1-2 years of experience in content writing.
Experience in the edtech industry would be preferred, but not required.

We are looking for writers who are eager to learn, have a keen eye for detail, and are ambitious enough to change the world with their talent. We want someone with the willingness to learn more and grow in the content space, and utilise their literary and research skills to help students make informed and accurate career choices.

Salary : INR 3,00,00 per year

Working Hours/Days : We work 6 days a week, 8-10 hours a day. Timings are flexible.



About us

We at Mentoria are a unique and holistic career discovery platform, enabling students to discover themselves and the careers they will truly enjoy and excel at and handholding them till they start their first job.

There are 3 critical data-points that drive us to do what we do:
* 1 in every 4 teenagers in India is going through depression – WHO 2015
* Every day, 26 students in India commit suicide – Indian Crime Records Bureau 2016
* 55% of India’s working population is unhappy, frustrated and dissatisfied with the careers they are in. – Monster + GVK 2014

After meeting 3000+ students, parents, educators and counsellors to better understand the diverse needs of various stakeholders in an individual’s career decision-making process, we realised that a vast majority of young individuals (in India and globally) end up in courses and careers that they will later detest/be sub-optimal in either due to incorrect parental “guidance”​ or peer pressure.

With over 12,000 career paths available today and with 800 million jobs forecast to vanish by 2030 due to automation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the task is immensely complex for any individual to perform and requires a scientific, accurate psychometric-based approach.

Our belief is that if we could offer students (and their parents) an opportunity to peek into the future career path they are most likely to enjoy traversing and handhold them throughout this discovery process, we could facilitate accurate career decisions, leading to happier individuals, families, and nations.


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Enabling individuals to discover themselves

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