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S.I. Unit of Content

About the job

We are looking for a Content Writer with experience of 1+ Years.

The Ideal Candidate must have the following Skills –

✅ Comfortable in writing content for all niches.

✅ Should have experience in writing blogs, articles, and Web Content.

✅ A candidate with prior experience in Technical writing is preferred.

✅ Ability to perform multiple tasks, and Lead content team.

✅ A demonstrated understanding of Marketing and Content with strong research skills.
✅ Strong will to excel in the Career of Content.

Why do you need to join us? 🤔

✳️ Learn Content writing and marketing with Industry experts.

✳️ Opportunity to write for various niches to learn and grow learn became an expert.

✳️ Change to manage a Content team to develop Leadership skills

✳️ Work with Internations Clients to understand the content market and excel in the career.

✳️ Challenge yourself every day in the startup culture.

✳️ Work with Youngblood and Creative Minds.

Became a part of the team to witness the Journey of a Startup growing from rock bottom to becoming the biggest brand in the Content Industry 📈


About the company

Boring designs, dead Call-to-Actions, purposeless content are failing businesses to achieve their goals. Qoulomb is a creative content marketing company that understands the creativity your users are expecting. Taling in the language of your audience, Qoulomb crafts a compelling content marketing strategy. From web development to digital marketing, Qoulomb has it all.

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S.I. Unit of Content

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