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A day in the life of Scatter’s content creator and editor

As kids, we all visualised what we’d look like at our jobs. Maybe even acted out gestures like loosening up collars held tight by ties. And then as we grew up, we started expecting a scene right out of a movie about a new age company: bean bags galore, employees sporting hoodies and bright rimmed glasses, and a shiny vending machine that pushed out packaged snacks for eager hands. Here at Scatter, we’ve found a middle ground between those two extremes.

In the pre COVID-19 world, our office space featured several of these elements – that bean bag for when you want to catch a quick snooze between work and morning hours dotted with plates of salami sandwiches (or PB&J for the vegetarians!). And for those days when you were unable to step out of your house, we offered the option of working from home.

Of course, in the current scenario, only one of those elements is still in play – we’re all working from the comfort and safety of our homes, and plan to get back to the office in a phased manner, once the pandemic is over. That, however, hasn’t changed the way we work at Scatter. Our days continue to feature high-powered calls with internal teams and clients. And the work involves rushing about and pulling out all the stops; all to ensure that the results that reach our clients are nothing less than perfect.

With a workforce of 53 employees, you can be assured of a greater learning curve, where in addition to your role, you often contribute inputs to teams you work alongside. Not to forget the frequent workshops where the company heads train you to communicate better in a landscape that hears but hardly ever listens.

Scatter aims at creating useful content in a world of short-lived bursts of half-hearted creativity. Because we believe that messaging produced by us should create a significant impact on consumers’ everyday lives.

For instance, we’re especially proud of that time we helped spread the word about Airtel Payments Bank’s services; an effort that helped the brand gain 30 million customers! And also the time we helped Amway celebrate its 20th anniversary through a dramatised video. Or how about how we’ve built – India’s foremost financial education platform?

We see you contributing to such projects at Scatter as a content writer or editor. While no two days would look the same, this is what a typical day at your job would be like:

You would start with the routinely held morning call that involves drawing up our daily newsletter, ‘Scatter Recommends’.
Together we will create an aggregate of news that affects the consumer. If people care about it, we care about it. And it is on the basis of these trending topics that we will send content ideas to subscribed clients from different industries.
After the newsletter is sent out, you may be asked to get on a client-specific brainstorming call to help generate content ideas for marketing campaigns.
With team-led activities wrapped up, you will begin work on content pieces that require writing, editing or delegation to freelancers.
These don’t just mean longer written-pieces. What you create can range from a mini-infographic to a research-based piece to a social media copy. It all depends on the client assigned to you and what they require.
Variables aside, the goal is to read, re-read and then read another time to ensure that content that leaves your desk is nothing less than meaningful.

So, if achieving fulfilment through work is your thing, then do give joining our organisation a thought. Excited? We hope to see you soon on a video call. And visit our website ( to know more about us.

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