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Roles & Responsibilities

Work with a bunch of people who are crazy about communication and content; and are happy to spend hours at end fussing over just the correct combination of words
Work out of an office that’s nothing like an office. We hate cubicles and dress codes, and love crazy posters and endless chai coffee discussions
We’ve worked in jobs with crazy timings, and understand the importance of having a life. So we’ll all join you at that pub for drinks after you’re done for the day
We are young and growing fast, and working with us will take you on a roller coaster growth ride. And this roller coaster only goes up, up, up baby!
Copywriting experience online or offline will be an added advantage. Expert writing skills, editing, and proofreading abilities
Ability to write comic, attention grabbing and production ready copy that puts the message across
Creative bent of mind with strong visualization and idea generation skills
Ability to deliver within deadlines being aggressive and willing to go the extra mile when comes to quality

Ideal Candidate

Experienced as a Creative Copywriter (4+ years), with a proven track record of creating impactful stories
A team player with excellent communication skills; agile, creative and tenacious, who can thrive in a constantly changing environment
Experienced at scoping, planning and prioritization and can successfully use known methods to tackle the problem at hand
Most of the initiatives are in the 0 to 1 stage or transitioning from this stage to the 1 to 10 stage. So, the ideal candidate should have experienced the 0 to 1 phase in the past and should be excited to setup a creative team.

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