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About the Job

  • Create content and copy. It could be a PR, or a blog, or even a Tweet. Flexibility is important.
  • Write in a variety of styles. We have clients all over the globe, including countries like USA, UK and Singapore. We would expect you to be quick to learn and quick to adapt.
  • Be original. Your content should be unique and fresh. Copy paste is simply not an option.
  • Have some input on design and graphics. While we won’t give you a Photoshop suite and tell you to figure it out, some idea of graphics and design would certainly help your case.
  • Not flee at the sight of “technical” content. Yes, we know it can sound scary to the uninitiated, but we ARE a technology company. We won’t expect you to code, but we would expect you to know (or learn) the difference between an app and a CMS.
  • Be efficient and hungry to learn – the internet scales up every day. So should you.


  • English major with marketing background prefered
  • Excellent command over English language.
  • Ability to write original and engaging online content in fresh, consistent and customer- friendly tone.
  • Ability to write in a variety of formats and styles for multiple audiences.
  • Experience In Handling Marketing Communication (highly Preferred).
  • Active presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and SlideShare.

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