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Your Brand's Better Half

About the job

Wife is looking for a big picture thinker, a storyteller, one who can incorporate market insights, consumer behaviour, brand development tools and dreams to build and digitally market stunning brands. Reach, impressions, PPC, conversions, optimisation, analysis, Google, should be words he/ she uses in sleep. All of this on the conventional unconventional medium – online. However the key is to do it in integration and not isolation.

Job Duties

Develop existing and new brand strategies to digitally market, after undergoing thorough research and analysis of current market and trends using traditional tried and tested and modern disruptive methods.
Create marketing and communication strategies in line with the brand values and thereafter enhance its positioning in the market.
Be particularly and technically skilled in digital marketing, planning and strategy.
Be in constant touch with the brand owners/ clients/ representatives and be a liaison between the external and internal teams.
Think forward and anticipate future trends, opportunities and prospective successes for the brand.
Be collaborative, a number thinker and be fact-driven.
Be in a mutually symbiotic relationship with the brand, the creative team, the digital strategists and the operations of an execution. A horizontal, to all verticals.
Think stories. Think content. Think strategy.
Create real and effective yet simple and disruptive short-term and long-term plans, calendars, strategies – that will not only be inspirational but also actionable.
Contribute to the company’s overall growth strategy along striving towards self-development.

Qualifications & Skills

A Bachelors’/ Masters’/ Specialized course in Business or Marketing and Communications or Advertising or Brand Planning
Specialised course in Digital Marketing, and the need to learn and unlearn is a plus
Confidence, tact, people-skills, instinctiveness
Strong command of language – oral and written
High degree of understanding of people, brands and the market
Strong leadership skills
High decibel skills like but not limited to SEM, SEO, SMM, SMO, AdWords, and other digital marketing proficiencies
3 years of relevant experience in the same/ similar role


Content Creation
High Design & Aesthetic Acumen
Technically equipped to conduct thorough market research (primary and secondary)


About us

Wife is a Brand Management, Marketing, Communication and Creative agency specialising in all things Strategy, Design and Experiences and everything under it. We are in a polygamous relationship with our brands as their better halves and aim to engage with brands as their better half. We create strategically effective and disruptive plans and build outputs that more often than not go beyond the brief to result in a mutual vision. Our constant market research and sustained experience in the industry catalyses a brand’s equity building process through whatever medium they or we choose.

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Your Brand's Better Half

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