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About the job
join our organization as an intern for one month, it will be an opportunity for you to representing your content writing skills to the world through writing Blogs and articles on our organization platform and I hope you will grab this opportunity.

Flexible work from home

You will receive:

  • Recognition Certificate
  • Appreciation letter
  • Recommendation letter
  • Opportunity to be featured on the website as intern


Longer writing
Longer, more thoughtful, written forms of communication that are often used to inspire, advise, and direct community

With the continued growth of blogs as not only a personal publishing medium but also a community publishing medium, you may need to write articles, stories, and features.

Many community leaders send out longer, more considered, and more strategic emails that help to guide the community in its direction.

Magazine articles/web articles
giving an opportunity to be featured entrepreneurs, founders, influencers in a magazine or website, and you will need to be able to present their thoughts well.

Your community will produce documents, guides, specifications, help, and more, and

These should be clearly written and easy to read.

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