Writing Proficiently


This online writing course will help you structure your thoughts, polish your writing style and teach you to write clearly, concisely, and compellingly. Discover how to tell a story with every communication you draft.


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Learn tried-and-tested methods to make your business communication so effective that everyone sits up and takes notice.

Modules Included

  • Module 1: Structuring Your Writing
  • Module 2: The Harappa GRT Framework
  • Module 3: From Theory to Practice
  • Module 4: A Writer’s Checklist
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Reading

What You’ll Learn

  1. The Pyramid Principle – Presenting key points of messages upfront with supporting evidence
  2. The SCQR Framework – Four steps of Situation, Complication, Question, and Resolution for storytelling
  3. The GRT Framework – Use of Goal, Recipient, and Tone to improve clarity
  4. The PREP Model – Present summarized version of long reports effectively

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