Answer simple questions in detail- (1500 words)

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Posted on June 21, 2020


Project Desciption

Hi There,

I am looking for someone who is willing to do good research on the questions provided and write an in-depth answer.

Number of words: 1500


1. Should possess the skill to write detailed meaningful answers for simple silly questions. (E.g. why is sugar added to milk, why is egg drop soup thick?)

2. Should be willing to spend time in research and write answers.

3. Good English with no grammatical errors.

4. Good reading flow is a must. No isolated sentences or paragraphs. No half-written information.

5. Willing to rewrite if required. 

6. Type silly questions when applying so I know that you read this completely.

7. Keep it in a neutral tone

8. Needless to say, no plagiarized content. (Will be verified)

What will be provided:

List of questions that require answers. 

Possible subheading to be covered.

Great writers will be hired regularly.



Employer Information

SIDDHARTH MURUGESAN 6 project(s) posted hired 10 freelancers Member since: October 19, 2019

Supreeta Roy Chowdhury

Academic Content Writer


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in 1 day

I have done content writing internship in for the students of US and UK and also freelancing from Beyond Average again for foreign students. I have also done a course on Digital Marketing that has helped me to write SEO content, write rich content without plagiarism and I can assure you, you won’t be dissapointed. Apart from that I have done honours in English and do have a fine grip of this language. I also have a blog on wordpress as well. I have confidence within me that I can provide good quality work and will stand upto your expectation.

Nayan Chakravarty

content writer


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in 3 days

I like the content idea and here’s your magic word for verification – “silly questions”.

I have read the post and submitted the bid accordingly

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Nayan Chakravarty

Sangeeth S Menon



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in 2 days

If my real life experience (article below) interests you , then I ensure you that the job if assigned to me will be done in the most optimised manner .
What she left behind…

Waiting for the bus at Madiwala bus station lobby ,my attention shifted from busy traffic roadway to an innocent face ; girl of age maybe 8 or 10. Mostly when you see someone in your ‘first go’ , you are sure to notice something peculiar and you’re ought to describe the respective person with that adjective.Well here, she was barefooted and was carrying those 50 cm long pens for sale.
When approached, deliberately I refused to mind her, social issues on Child Labour – at its peak in my head and don’t want to encourage the mafia behind. She was not ready to leave , again presenting some 20 pens (always had this feeling to offer her money… But still didn’t wanna encourage the mafia), hence like most of the Homo sapiens do. I put on head set & acted busy with mobile)
Phew !!! she is onto very next person.
He also tried neglecting the little kid for a while but the human in him was not dubious like mine as he took out his wallet after some seconds of escapism act.He offered her 10 Rupees she took it and gave him a pen.He refused to buy as for him, its not a purchase but just adding few shilling to her meal. She insisted ,again he refused.What she did then was the real motive behind writing this.
She calmly left that 10 Rupee note on top of his bag and left.
We all have our own perspective towards any matter.Well for me ,the lil girl’s act can be pinpointed to something called “Dignity” or “Self Respect” . In a world where we are a part of, wants things done free of cost .The little girl set an antagonistic example here but which is worthy of honour and respect. And yes I won’t buy the pen the next time she comes and yes I know she won’t .
– Sangeeth S Menon

Jyoti Khute



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in 3 days

Growing up in a joint family, I have always had my moments where I had to come up with an answer to all the silly questions the kids had to ask like- “why do animals not live in houses like us?”. It would be a great experience to actually search them out and form a legit (not to forget, original) answer out of it. I promise you a great content ahead.

Soumojit Roy

Freelance content writer


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in 2 days

I will provide the best service with utmost quality. You can be absolutely sure that the quality of the work will be excellent.

Salonee Agrawal



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in 3 days

I assure to deliver quality content strictly within the required time frame. I would really look forward to working with you.
I will be all ears to suggestions and would be willing to rewrite if necessary.
Just to let you know that I read it completely,
“what are we supposed to do on contentlane?”

Nishit Shah

Freelance Content Writer


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in 2 days

Hi !

This is in response to your conversation requiring content writing samples of past works. My name is Nishit Shah with an experience of 5 years and entailed below is my pitch:

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wherein I’ve written multiple articles on various niches under a made up author persona.

2. Please go through an article I wrote, it’s attached.

3. Among my rich content writing experience are: blog articles; product reviews and buying guides; Product Descriptions, etc. in tech, travel, lifestyle, celebrities, gadgets, and other niche articles for websites and blogs.

Looking forward to hearing soon!

Thanks & Regards,
(Freelance Content Writer)

“Be the Change you Wish to See in this World – Mahatma Gandhi”

Radhika Prabhu

Content writer


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in 1 day

I will share the content within deadline!