Top 5 Myths Related To Content Marketing


When it comes to writing quality content there are a few rules that every writer is supposed to follow. However, what if one of the guidelines that you follow is not anything more than a fantasy? Even though content marketing has been around for many decades, people are still unaware of the basic concept that needs to be followed. With Google altering its SEO policies frequently, it will not be an overestimation to mention that content marketing is becoming more and more challenging by the day. It can be disastrous if you follow a content marketing myth and make it a foundation for all your works.

Among the best ways to conquer this challenge and make your task seem a little less daunting would be to dismiss some associated myths. Consequently, if you are a professional content writer or planning to build a career in content writing or content promotion, we have brought for you the top 5 myths which are widely prevalent in the industry. Let us have a look.


1. Anyone Can Write Great Content

Among the most common myths which are rampant among individuals is that anybody that has a fantastic understanding of punctuations, grammar, and word framing can write excellent quality content.

Well, fantastic grammar certainly helps to some extent. But with no inner passion for writing, one cannot create content that is spectacular. Content writing isn’t merely about utilizing your hefty vocabulary. Together with strong control over a speech, one ought to take into consideration the intricate writing skills that permit the writer to contact the readers.

2. Quantity Over Quality

Another popular myth about creating content is that the longer you write the better it is. While the importance of more content cannot be completely denied, it is notable that you don’t undermine the standard of your article in order to rush things up. What’s the point of writing unappealing articles in bulk if nobody is interested in reading them?

3. Content Is All That Matters

There are tons of talented writers in the world but just a few make it to the real platforms and get an appreciation for their own work. You could be an outstanding writer but so as to earn a living out of content writing, you will have to showcase your talent in the market. Obviously, creating amazing content has become the first step, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

As soon as you are content with the quality of your articles, you should begin promoting them. If you really want people to notice your articles, you will have to make efforts for exactly the same.

Content promotion is a mystery and creation is part of the game. Just the ideal blend of quality, planning, promoting, and metrics can yield worthy outcomes. Thus, it is essential to have a strategy in your mind regarding how you will portray your work to the outside world.

4. Keyword Is Everything

This content composing myth comes forward from the popular Search Engine Optimization myth, that is, there’s a magic number according to which the keyword density is determined. While keyword density is among the most extensively crucial things that decide the rank of content on Google, giving it too much emphasis might distract you from the true job, that’s creating superior content.

If you are focussing on the keywords too much, you’re certain to stuff them in your article without even realizing it. This way, you will end up using the exact same keyword repeatedly, thereby compromising the readability.

5. Content Writing Is Nothing But Rephrasing

Absolutely not! If you’re diving into the area of content promotion believing that it is a simple Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V kind of career, then take a step back. There’s a huge difference between copying and talking. Even if you don’t replicate the paragraphs directly, a line-by-line paraphrase will not help you either.

It’s fine to browse the internet for ideas. You can write a post based on ideas and points you find on the web but the write-up has to be well-researched and distinctive. Understand the difference between referring and spinning.

I do understand that I have bombarded you with too much information but trust me if you can manage to overcome these myths related to Content Marketing, then there is an excellent career in front of you.

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